Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Ello Mister David.

Next week's menu here at Simplicity was created by way of a special request. A customer informed us that March 1st is St. David's Day, and it is a celebrated day in Wales. In honour of St. David's Day, this menu is Welsh themed. It's also a precursor to our much anticipated St. Patrick's Week menu, coming in just a few weeks!!!


Cock-a-leekie $9
Cornish hen boiled out in a rich chicken broth with leeks. Served with slices of grilled muffuletta bread.

Welsh Rabbit $9
Two thick slices of our multi-grain bread dressed with a creamy Swiss cheese b├ęchamel. Make it a buck rarebit and add a poached egg for only $1.50.

Lobsgows $9
Jigs dinner style pottage served in a rich beef broth. Served with slices of grilled rye bread.

Pub Stomp $10
Simplicity takes it's view on Welsh pub food by serving you beer battered tilapia, sweet potato chips, and seasoned dill pickles with a side of sour cream.

Main Courses

Hot Turkey $17
Fresh turkey served on your choice of bread with English style dressing, smothered in gravy. Served with vegetables, your choice of mash potatoes or stwns mash, and our house made cranberry sauce.

Striploin with Brown Ale Horseradish Sauce$22
Flame grilled 10oz striploin with Brown Ale Horseradish Sauce. Served with vegetables and stwns mash.

Shepherds Pie $18
House ground beef stewed in a blend of vegetables topped with mash potatoes and peas, then roasted.

Honeyed Lamb $22
Lamb slow roasted in honey, cider and rosemary, served with vegetables and your choice of mash potatoes or stwns mash.

Call 722-2522 to make a reservation for the St. David's festivities!

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