Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Stony Beach

So I am our around St. Mary's bay area, well... St. Stephen's to be exact, crab fishing. So to take a break from cooking, I know right, we resided to try out the lovely folks at The Claddagh Inn in St. Mary's

First I took the time to sit an enjoy a nice pint of Yellow Belly Red, nope it's not Newcastle in that glass though that is another good option.

This is the relaxing bar area in which said first pint was enjoyed. They even used old pews for the seating and bar structure. I love the atmosphere.

After the first pint I took my next one to the dining area ( saddly I didn't think to get a shot, sorry but here is a link to their photos on their site.) They started us off with a salad, I had the tasty tangerine dressing. ( I know I know, I am not sposed to eat salad due to my crones but hey live dangerously.) I loved the balance of the dressing with the cherry tomatoes and peppers. The red onions topped it off with the soft spice they are known for.

Part way through the salad they brought out taste rolls. I enjoyed mine without butter, no wonder people think I'm odd. But hey I love bread raw when it is this good. The rolls had a nice earth flavor with a hidden sweetness so in my mind it didn't need butter.

The main course. The reason I wanted to give this nice spot a try. Proggies ( you can use google people. I've had to make these for a wedding party of 200, at 3 per plate before so you can use google) as the starch, with sour cream, fresh green onions, and BACON!!!! there was cheese too. To star as the main one of the best pair of cabbage rolls I have had in a long time. Thank you Bob and Roy for letting me steal those proggies you couldn't finish!

Oh dessert, how I love thee, let me count the ways, blackberry, partridge berry, crêpe OH MY!

And with this I savored a nice glass of MaCallan cask strength Sherry Oak Scotch mmmm. Better then coffee or tea any day my friends.

SO!!! If you are in Newfoundland and you feel like doing the Irish Loop on a nice day, drop into The Claddagh Inn for a spell, it is worth your time, I promise you this as a lover of food and cook, it was worth it and I feel for the amount of food and the homely service ( you will love the owners ) I feel the food and beverages where under priced so tip big!

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