Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monster Potato Mash!!

Not sure what you would call this. I call it Baked Mash Potato.

Yes. I like to bake my bacon. It help get alot of the grease. I like to bake it at 375 for 12 mins then flip and cook for another 12 mins. (You could cook for longer, I don't like crispy bacon unless it's on my caesar.)

Peeled and rinsed 4 potato, then boiled them till soft. Drained off the water then ( very important ) placed them back in the pot and place them on the stove on low stirring now and then till dried. This makes for a nicer whipped potato as there is less water in your mix. 

So I was out of fresh chives.... I know, so freeze dried had to do.

Some scallions ( I call them green onions -nods- )

This is how fine I diced them, diced my garlic this fine as well.


This is Half the bacon that I roasted. ( the other half was saved for other meals. It can be reheated in a frying pan very fast, faster then you can cook your morning eggs, good trick for fast breakfasts.)


Fired in the sour cream, bacon, chives, touch of salt, and pepper.

After I slowly added in some fort cheddar ( amount is adjusted to your personal taste, I only used half a cup as I wanted to still taste the bacon.) 

CHILL your mixture before forming the Balls.

I formed them by hand into small balls reusing the bacon try and parchment paper for the bacon taste. Then I baked the buggers in the oven at 400 for 20 mins. ( keep an eye on them.) I cooked just before golden as I only wanted it to have a skin to hold the heat. It is normally served with a golden crusting, but I fine it gets too dry.

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