Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bacon Fat = Gold

Ok. So I am having a birthday party ( it's my not so big 3 0 ). So I wanted to do something special. I am having a BYOB party. ( Bring Your Own Bacon ).

Now I want to have a conversation with everyone. Bacon grease is a very viable replacement for oil and butter.

Butter Per Ounce ( unsalted )

Olive Oil

Now Bacon

Notice how close olive oil and bacon grease are in scores. Only off by 3 calories. I would like to say they are the same in fats, but there are less saturated fats in Olive oil, by a 36%, which is in reverse for trans fats. Which has to be expected as one in plant fats and the other is animal fats. ( What ask Mary had to say on the differences "Ask Mary" ).

Alot of people replace butter with bacon grease one to one ( bacon grease has the higher calorie count on this one.) For frying and also in baking... yes baking, such as short bread cookies and ginger bread cookies being the most common. Also a nice for braising cabbage in with some onion, blue cheese, touch of cream, and MORE BACON.

Bacon fat can be stored in a air sealed container in the fridge for 6 months, or in the freezer for 6-9 months. after that the flavour starts to break down as does it's usefulness.

Later I will be posting a few things I made from the bacon grease for my gathering. So far as a hint, one if booze and the other has to do with a very common sandwich spread.

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